Ambrose LA'Chelle FAQ | Pass Your Exams To Me

The Top 10 Exam Frequently Asked Questions

Exam FAQ to help guide you towards certification.

FAQ questions about exam procuring services are based on customer inquiry.

 1). How confident are you that you will pass my exams?

  • I hold certifications in all exams I procure on behalf of others. Visit my portfolio page here.

2). Can you pass my exams on the first try?

  • Most likely Yes! However, in some cases, connectivity and other internet issues can inhibit a successful exam session and will force an exam retake 7 days later according to Google Partners Policy. 

3). How long does it take to receive my results?

  • Within 24 hours. You will receive your results as soon as the exam is finished by Google Partners and by -Pass Your Exams To Me.

4). Do you have a refund policy?

  •  Yes I Do. 

5). Why do I need an AdWords professional to take the exams on my behalf?

  • You may need a professional  to take the exams on your behalf when time is a factor; It takes time to study, and prep for the exams. guarantees fast service, same day delivery, and a passing score.

6). Is this legal?

  • Yes it is!

7). How do I check your certification credentials?

  • Please visit my public profile here.

8). How do you access the exams that are available to me?

  • Through the email address and password that you used to sign up for Google Partners. 

9). I need my exams taken before the validity period expires. How long does it take to start my exam process?

  • As soon as payment is received.  

10). How many exam certifications can you procure per order?

  • 8