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Welcome To The Resource Tool Box!

On this page you will learn which tools I use to grow my virtual, digital and online assets and which ones I recommend to help you improve your own online careers and businesses.

Without the use of these resources, my online presence will hardly exist!

I would like to inform you that while I do have a working partnership with all of the resources listed below, I owe it to you to disclose.

This page contains affiliate links for which I will receive a referral commission at no cost to you. Let's get started!


#1 Ecommerce Solution

For those thinking to start an online eccomerse business, Shopify is the way to go. There are so many great qualities to write about, but for my professional recommendation, I'll stick to my top three favorites:

  • Blog Topics 
  • Customer Service
  • Free Tools

Shopify runs the most informative ecommerce marketing blog for its readership. Their topics range from, how to grow your business, SnapChat marketing, design, and analytics just to name a few.

They offer 24 hour support with great customer value and loads of free tools.

You can locate the free tools in the Shopify ecommerce marketing blog footer.

This section is chalked full of freebies like, a logo maker, business card maker, templates and generators. Practically, everything you need to start an online business.

The Shopify ecommerce platform is home to over 500,000 merchants. Give it a try. Shopify ecommerce software is free for 14 days and you might change your online presence with a new Shopify ecommerce for business solution.

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WP Engine 

#1 Managed Hosting Platform

There is nothing more enjoyable than knowing the remarkable benefits of using a managed hosting service provider that can help you take your business to the next level.

The technology behind WP Engine's Managed WordPress Hosting delivers on three of my top fundamental necessities.

  • Expert Support
  • PHP 7 Upgrades
  • Global Data Centers

WP Engine's customer service is best in class. They offer close to 800 hours of expertise, 60,000 customers and more than 500 k digital experiences. A lot of it has to do with an incredible full time engineering staff - who are on the cutting edge of WordPress technology. Technology that is fast, secure and scalable.

WP Engine makes it super easy to have super fast experiences, improve conversion rate and on page performance.  New customers who sign up can save 20% off the first payment!

For example, you can upgrade to PHP7 and get 20% off your first payment There is an awesome PHP7 Compatibility Checker Plugin to make it easier to speed up your site, and bullet proof your digital security.

Their Global Data Centers are trusted by governments and Fortune 500 companies.

WP Engine enables enterprise grade sites, and amazing online experiences. They come highly recommended along with a 20% incentive.

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Content Samurai  

#1 Video Marketing And Traffic Generation

Video marketing has just got a lot easier! A revolutionary new video creation system that can change the way you create professional content videos forever.

Content Samurai uses advanced contexual knowledge to help you generate millions of views from YouTube, while building rention and loyalty from your marketing achievements.

Here are my top three reasons for recommending the word's fastest most intelligent video creation system.

  • Traffic generation
  • 7 day free trial
  • Unlimited video creation

Content Samurai is the next big thing in traffic generation. People on YouTube spend on average, 40 minutes watching videos. There are also one billion unique and active users on YouTube that can access, share, comment, and subscribe to your videos.

By creating professional content, you entice more user engagement and increased traffic to your publisher's YouTube homepage.

For 7 full days you can get started for free and can keep all the videos you make during your free trial.

Content Samurai is the shortcut to making highly technical, fast and intelligent video creations.

One of the coolest perks of this advanced system is that it comes with 112 million images to use. You can't beat that, and it's all yours for free during your 7 day trial. Happy video sharing!

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#1 Place For Micro Job Services  

When it comes to sustaining an online presence, It's hard doing it alone. Find the perfect expert to handle your SEO!

SEOclerks has thousands of experts to help assist your ongoing efforts to optimize pages, drive traffic, write blog content, generate leads, post on forums, and market social media.

Each one destined to keep your website present. 

These are the top three job services you may want to outsource with SEOclerks today!

  • Writing
  • Advertising
  • Marketing 

Good blog writing, advertising assistance, and social media marketing are the types of job services necessary to increase search engine visibility, ecommerce sales, and website trust.

Search for services that use 100% unique content, high traffic sites for banner advertising, and customized marketing to attract new customers.

There are thousands of services on SEOclerks. Be mindful of those services that do not practice whitehat methods or agreeable optimizing tactics to improve your authority, traffic and social media standing.



#1 Multi-Faceted Testing Platform For Online Publishers

Web intelligence for online publishers is used as an intelligence reporting tool to analyze data.

Digital publishers who are not taking advantage of Ezoic Ad tester tool to grow revenue is missing out on what artificial intelligence can do for a digital online business. Learn which combinations of Ads deliver the best user experience when you test Ezoic for free. 

  • Free To Use
  • Trust Seals
  • Tailor Web Experience

Sign up with Ezoic to test your content, layouts, and Ads for free.

The company is a Google Publishing Partner that stands out from others. Ezoic tests, learns and delivers every visitor a made-to-fit experience.

The Ad tester tool can optimize thousands of variables to increase revenue, boost pageviews, and lower bounce rate. Choose Ezoic! The best tool to test your Ads and increase your revenue by 250%!