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Google AdWorda Fundamentals Certificate

Google AdWords Fundamentals Exam - Academy For Ads Quick Overview!

If your goal is to ace the AdWords Fundamentals assessment exam for a chance to pursue a career in digital advertising, an Academy For Ads Assessment Certification is fundamental!


The AdWords Fundamentals assessment exam is the prerequisite exam on the way to an AdWords advertising exam. 

What This Means For You?

Well, it means that you must take and pass the AdWords Fundamentals assessment exam with a score of 80 percent or higher in order to qualify and take an AdWords advertising exam for certification.

What You Can Expect.

The AdWords fundamentals exam is a fusion of online advertising multiple choice, and true or false proficiency questions about ad campaigns, bid optimizations, product data feeds, targeting, and advertising best practices.

Upon taking a closer look at the AdWords Fundamentals exam, you can assume that this exam is five Google AdWords advertising exams melded into one.

It is the AdWords Fundamentals exam plus:

  • Google AdWords Search Advertising Exam
  • Google AdWords Display Advertising Exam
  • Google AdWords Video Advertising Exam
  • Google AdWords Mobile Advertising Exam
  • Google AdWords Shopping Advertising Exam

All 100 questions that appear on the AdWords Fundamentals exam is the foundation of basic, intermediate and advanced advertising concepts, supplied by the AdWords Search, Display, Video, Mobile, and Shopping exams for certification.

How you choose to prepare for the AdWords Fundamentals exam could be a determining factor in whether or not you pass it!

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How To Pass Google AdWords Fundamentals Exam

The Google AdWords Fundamentals exam is easiest to pass when you adopt the right frames of mind.

Below are two methodologies that may lead towards you earning a Google AdWords Advertising certification with a new point of reference.

Two Fundamental Methodologies

The first method is to develop a likeness, or a keen interest in all the other Google AdWords advertising disciplines, and not just the one discipline you want to earn the certification for.

The second method is to have hands on experience, or a skilled know-how in either AdWords, or online advertising.

Which Method Is Right For You?

Your approach to the exam will either come from logic, readiness, and competence in ability, or it will come from razor sharp astuteness, and a gung ho attitude for learning!

Choose the first method if you are willing to stay on the varied course, and acquire enough insight by taking practice exams, or by studying with an AdWords Certified Professional who has already taken the exam.

Follow up the experience with online quizzes that are designed to test you with similar questions that could appear on the AdWords Fundamentals exam.

Choose the second method if you have mastery, or experience in digital advertising. The ingenuity you have will increase the contingency of you passing the AdWords Fundamentals exam with dexterity.

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Also, take an online practice exam while using a computer and a mobile phone.

Use your iPhone as a second browser to look for the answers to the questions you do not know. It's a new take on an old idea of the open book exam.

Try the above actionable takeaways before taking the AdWords Fundamentals exam and guarantee yourself an opportunity to take a Google AdWords Advertising exam for certification!

AdWords Fundamentals Exam Pro Tips

The AdWords Fundamentals exam is a fun exam to take. It is a 120 minute requirement if you want to be an AdWords Certified Professional!

This open book exam comes fully loaded with a Google Partners study guide. Click here to access the exam's questions, answers, and certification links.

As you navigate your way through the actual exam, take notice in the lines of questioning and memorize  the correct answers to them. This “fun” exam can be a bit of a test if you forget to keep in mind the correct answers. 

Once you select an incorrect answer and press the send button, there is no going back to correct the mishap!

The AdWords Fundamentals exam will test your proficiency and aptness in Google AdWords Search, Display, Video, Mobile, and Shopping advertising.

Allow your curiosity and on-the-job experience to be the motivating method for taking the AdWords Fundamentals exam and a keep in mind stratagem for passing it!

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