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Do You Want To Be Certified In Google AdWords, Analytics, Or Mobile Sites?

Hire Me To take The Exams For You!

My name is Ambrose LA'Chelle and welcome to my exam boutique. My service is professional and quality assured. I procure Google AdWords, Analytics, and Mobile Sites certifications for you, or your company. Pass your proficiency exams to me and become a certified specialist. I can earn, retake, or update a certification for you within one day of ordering my services. 


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The Fundamentals Exam

The AdWords Fundamentals Exam is a prerequisite exam that "you" must pass along with one of the other five advertising exams to be certified and have certified status. You cannot become AdWords certified if you do not pass the AdWords Fundamentals exam to me first!

The Five AdWords Exams

There are five AdWords advertising exams that requires an AdWords Fundamentals exam with a passing score of 80% or higher. Passing the AdWords Fundamentals exam could lead to an advertising certification in one, or all of the online advertising disciplines: AdWords Search, Display, Video, Mobile, and Shopping Advertising.

Analytics And Mobile Sites Exams

There are two Google exams that do Not require an AdWords Fundamentals exam passing score of 80% or higher to qualify for certified status. The two exams are the Google Analytics IQ Exam & the Google Mobile Sites Exam. Both exams are a part of the Google Partners Certification Program, listed by their respected names and not to be mistaken for AdWords advertising exams.

Pass Your Exams To Me!

Ambrose LA'Chelle will pass the exams for you without hassel. I am a professional in all certification exams listed in my exam boutique. $100.00 will get you certified and top notch service. 

How It Works

1). Sign-up for Google Partners.

2). Pass along your sign-up details using my secure mail system below.

3). Choose the exam you want to pass and receive a certification for.

4). Pay securely in our Shopify payment center.

5). Wait for a confirmation email within 24 hours.