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My name is Ambrose LA'Chelle and welcome to my one-of-a-kind Certification, Qualification and Certificate Of Completion procuring!

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Certification, Qualification & Certificate Of Completion Rewards

1). Google verification link

2). Downloadable certificate

The Fundamentals Exam

Keep in mind, this is not a certification exam.

The AdWords Fundamentals Exam is a prerequisite exam that "you" must pass along with one of the other five advertising exams to be certified and have certified status. You cannot become AdWords certified if you do not pass the AdWords Fundamentals Exam to me first!

The AdWords Exams

You must pass the AdWords Fundamentals Exam first.

The AdWords Certification Exams requires "you" to pass the AdWords Fundamentals Exam with a score of 80% or higher.

The five AdWords Exams: Search, Display, Video, Mobile, and Shopping online advertising.

Analytics IQ, Mobile Sites, and Digital Sales Exams

The exams that do not require an AdWords prerequisite.

The three Google Exams that does not require you to have an AdWords Fundamentals passing score: the Google Analytics IQ Exam, the Google Mobile Sites Examand the Google Digital Sales Exam.  

The Google Analytics IQ and the Google Mobile Sites Exams are both products of the Google Partners Certification / Qualification Program.

The Digital Sales Exam is not a Google Partners certification requirement and will not count towards gaining Google Partner Status. You will receive an affiliation Certificate Of Completion.

Pass Your Exams To Me!

I am certified proof of excellence.

Ambrose LA'Chelle will pass all exams for you without hassel.

I am an accredited professional in all certification and qualification exams listed in my online store.

Visit my Frequently Asked Questions and get famiiar with the process. It will alleviate your angst about hiring a pro test-taker for your next exam.

An expert will take the exam and pass it. All you do is wait to be certified.

Here Is How It Works

The five steps you need to take to start a partnership with me.

1). Sign-up for the Academy For Ads Program.

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3). Choose the exam you want to pass and receive a certification for.

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